Olgin Efune Recycling Company (OERC) combines over 75 years of combined experience in the Recycling industry. We have a wide range of sales networks throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe. With years of experience at the highest levels in the Recycling industry, our management team provides operation know-how and understands the importance of building long lasting relationships.


The Executive Team


Marc Olgin / CEO

Marc has been in the recycling industry for close to 40 years and has been involved at the highest levels in some of the largest scrap recycling company in the world. Marc was an integral part in building one of the largest Scrap Metal Recycling companies in the United States starting in 1982. With a strong background in Steel purchasing, selling and trading- Marc is an integral part of the success of the group and is driven to succeed. His book of business spans across the entire United States and abroad. He also brings experience from the environmental health and safety industry, consulting for a year with one of the leading environmental companies in the United States. Marc is dedicated to making sure customers and consumers alike have a positive experience when dealing with Olgin Efune Recycling Company.

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Chad Olgin / Co-President

Chad has been working in the recycling industry for the last 10 years. He brings a wide array of knowledge in both steel and non-ferrous metals markets. He has worked  in the metals industry for his families business as well as at a publicly traded steel company. Chad has a strong background in the operational aspect of scrap metal recycling companies. He ran the day to day operations at the largest scrap metal company in Arizona and oversaw a multi-year long processing operation at that facility. He also sits on the board for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) as the President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter.


Brad Efune / Co-President

Brad comes to Olgin Efune Recycling with years of experience in scrap metal recycling in both Arizona and Southern California. He brings knowledge and experience in the non-ferrous trade business.  Brad is well versed in dealing with overseas markets throughout Asia, Southeast Asia, and India. His background in non-ferrous metals and years of experience travelling the Western United States purchasing material is a strength that Brad brings to the company.

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